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Research Software Development

Research Software Development

Our goal is to enhance UCL’s capacity to produce high quality research software, from the simplest scripts to complex simulations running on state-of-the-art high performance computers.


The remit of the Research Software Development Group is to:

  • provide researchers at UCL - and their collaborators - with the skills and tools they need to take control of their own software development, helping them create and maintain readable, reliable and efficient research software
  • improve the sustainability of software created at UCL in the face of changes to hardware, staff and funding over time
  • encourage collaboration so that the life of software extends beyond the involvement of any one team or person

We work as collaborators on research projects, providing a full software development service, and act as consultants to researchers on issues relating to their own research software development activities or plans.

We also provide infrastructure and tools, as well as training in programming and software development best practice, such as version control, issue-tracking and testing.

How the services work

Who can use our services?

All of the following services are currently available to UCL researchers and their collaborators. We are also planning to make our services available to external research organisations.

Contact us to register an interest or enquire about costs.

Collaboration and consultation

If you are part of a research team preparing a grant that involves software development, you should consider bringing in the Research Software Development Group as collaborators: you can cost programming effort from our developer teams into the grant. We can provide fractional or full-time effort as needed, throughout the project or at critical intervals.

We can also provide software development effort to UCL research groups on a day-rate basis. This may be useful for research groups who already hold appropriate grant funds.

Read more about funded project work

Free software development resource

We run a regular call for free software development effort, in line with UCL’s research priorities.

Read more about our termly call for proposals

Software development infrastructure services

We provide infrastructure and tools to help UCL researchers create their own research software in a sustainable, professional manner.

The first phase of this service provides access to GitHub's source code management service which gives great support for version control, issue tracking, and code review, as well as the ability to manage software documentation and websites linked to the source code.

Read about code management with GitHub

For further information see Help for UCL researchers

The group

The Research Software Development Group members come from a variety of research backgrounds and understand the needs and concerns of researchers. They are professional software developers with particular expertise in designing, constructing and maintaining software for academic research.

Find out more at the Research Software Development blog

The members of the group are:

Talk to us

We’d love to hear from you, especially if:

  • you would like to discuss any aspect of our Research Software Development services
  • you have research software development requirements you’d like to explore with us
  • you'd like to volunteer to speak at one of our seminars

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