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Free and open access to information on UCL researchers and UCL’s research output is supported by the Research IT Applications team. The team also provides services specifically for UCL researchers; these include a research equipment catalogue and a system for managing online publications.


The Research IT Applications team is part of UCL’s Research IT Services department. One of its key objectives is to help promote UCL researchers and their research work to a global audience.

The team is responsible for the Institutional Research Information System (IRIS), which contains a searchable database of all UCL researchers and links to their research work, much of which is made freely available online. IRIS is available for anyone to use.

Within UCL, they provide applications to support projects throughout the research lifecycle – from innovation and funding through to publication and finding real-world applications for research outcomes.

How the services work

Institutional Research Information Service (IRIS)

IRIS is a one-stop shop for information on research activity at UCL. It provides free and open access to UCL researcher profiles. These include:

  • contact details
  • a list of their research interests by theme
  • details of their current and past membership of research groups
  • a full history of publications and other research outputs; e.g., grants awarded and details of supervised students.

Anyone can use IRIS to find an expert in a given subject area at UCL, or use it to identify potential collaborators with similar or complementary interests.

Access IRIS

Research Publications Service (RPS)

RPS allows UCL researchers to manage their publications in line with UCL’s Publications Policy. It 'harvests' publications data from various authoritative online data sources, including PubMed, Scopus and Web of Science.

Individual Researcher Publication lists managed through RPS are available for the public to view through the IRIS system. Additionally all publications are available through the free and open institutional repository, UCL Discovery. Researchers are able to add the full text of their articles for anyone to download or hide entries from their publications list (Note: whilst RPS is managed by the Research IT Applications team, UCL Discovery currently is not).

Access UCL Discovery

For UCL researchers, RPS significantly reduces the amount of data entry required to keep publications data up-to-date. This is crucial to UCL for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and for professorial appraisal.

Access RPS (UCL users only)

UCL Research Equipment Catalogue

The UCL Research Equipment Catalogue is an online searchable database containing information about all of UCL’s major research equipment and facilities.

UCL researchers can view information about each equipment item (such as technical specifications and availability) and use an enquiry form to contact the equipment owner. Researchers can also browse by department, facility and manufacturer or use a free-text search.

Access the UCL Research Equipment Catalogue

For further information see Help for UCL researchers

The team

The members of the Research IT Applications team are:

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