UCL Procurement Regulation

Public Procurement Policy

All contracts for procurement by a Public Sector body above certain thresholds have to be tendered by EU regulation. Such regulations have been incorporated into UK Law. Universities fall within the designation ‘Other public sector contracting authorities’.

The EU Threshold from 1st January 2012 for these public sector bodies is as shown below

Sterling £
Euros € 200,000

Suppliers should acquaint themselves with the outline of these regulations to ensure that they understand the implications of these. Many suppliers have considerable experience and expertise in this area. For those that do not we have put together a page outlining the main provision of the regulations.

UCL Internal Procurement Regulation
Contracts up to £5000 in total value

Three quotes must be obtained from qualified suppliers.

Contracts between £5001 and £50,000 in total Value

Such contracts must be tendered with at least three tenders from qualified suppliers. 

Contracts between £50,001 and £173,000 in total value

Such contracts must be tendered with the advertisement notices placed with:

  • Supply2 Gov

Procurement will manage the tender process

Contracts over £173,000 in total value

UCL regulation requires that all contracts or agreements which will or may exceed the EU threshold are tendered following EU regulation and in consequence are advertised in OJEU, the journal which advertises all EU Public Procurement tenders. Procurement will manage the tender process.