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UCL Doctoral Training Programme in Atomic and Molecular Control

Doctoral Training Programme in Atomic and Molecular Control

Applications are invited for 4 year PhD positions within the Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) in Atomic and Molecular Control hosted by UCL Chemistry and Physics Departments.


The chemical, physical, biological and bulk properties of matter are determined at the atomic and molecular level. Recent developments at the interface between chemistry and physics have enabled us to begin to monitor and manipulate many key aspects of atomic and molecular behaviour. Renzoni Laboratory
Representation of an electrical pulse from an STM tip
The development of more sophisticated methods to monitor and control the behaviour of atoms, molecules and biomolecules is a major challenge for the physical sciences for the 21st century.

This control technology will allow us to develop functioning molecule-sized devices (nanotechnology), reduce inefficient energy losses in organic semiconductors (materials), and probe living cell function (biology). One of the biggest challenges in the development of the fundamental science underpinning atomic and molecular control is its multidisciplinary and highly technical nature.

Research Themes



Bain lab An STM image of a single chain of 10 Mn atoms on a copper nitride patch, with a single Mn atom on the side for reference [after C.F. Hirjibehedin et al., Science 312, 1021 (2006)].  The chain was built one atom at a time, with each atom placed precisely by the STM.  The magnetic coupling between the atoms can then be studied along the chain as it is built.