ESA's Euclid Cosmology Mission

25 June 2012

Artist's impression of the Euclid satellite (Credit: ESA/C. Carreau)

The European Space Agency (ESA) have formally adopted the Euclid Cosmology mission, this is largest collaboration of astronomers in the world, with UCL Astrophysics and MSSL members of staff playing a major roles.

Adoption is the final phase to the selection of Euclid as part of ESA’s Cosmic Vision programme and sets in motion an army of scientists and engineers to build and fly this new mission by the end of the decade. Euclid will study the “dark universe” with great precision, tracing the distribution and evolution of enigmatic dark matter and dark energy throughout the Universe.

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Image: Artist's impression of the Euclid satellite (Credit: ESA/C. Carreau)