News Highlights from 2006

13 November 2006

The High Energy Physics Group Rolling Grant has been announced by PPARC

This covers the next five years, although it is expected to be renewed after three years. The full economic cost of the grant is 6.76M, of which the research council contribution is 5.76M. The number of postdoctoral positions funded on the grant doubled from four to eight, in addition to seven fully-supported technical posts, and awards for travel and equipment. This increase was awarded against a background of an overall reduction in posts across the UK particle physics program due to a shortfall in fEC funding. It is concrete recognition of the groups' outstanding program in collider and neutrino physics, both in terms of leadership in the physics and expertise in the required technology. The peer review panel explicitly congratulated us on our exciting physics program.


Premier IoP Awards for Marshall Stoneham and Mike Gillan

Marshall Stoneham has been awarded the 2006 Guthrie Medal and Prize, which recognises exceptional achievements in any branch of physics; the award has been in existence (in various forms) since 1914, and previous winners include Neils Bohr, Ernest Rutherford, Nevill Mott, Harrie Massey, Phil Anderson, Rudolf Peierls and Mike Seaton.

Mike Gillan has been awarded the 2006 Paul Dirac Medal and Prize, which recognises excellence in theoretical or computational physics; it has been in existence since 1987, and previous winners include Stephen Hawking, John Bell, Mike Berry, Rudolf Peierls (again) and Tony Leggett.