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Professor Ian Bates

Professor of Pharmacy Education at UCL and Professor of Integrated Care Education, Whittington Health NHS Trust

Tel: 020 7753 5866


  • Director for Post-registration Professional Programmes;
  • Director for the UCL FIP Collaborating Centre
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  • Director for Education Development for the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP);
  • Expert Advisor on Education for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society;
  • NHS Workforce Facilitator for London NHS Trusts;
  • Editor-in-Chief, Pharmacy Education, an international research journal for pharmaceutical education;
  • Coordinator for the international UNESCO UNITWIN network for Global Pharmacy Education
UNITWIN UNESCO collaboration

Research interests

  • Workforce and education development research and evaluation for both national and global perspectives and associated policy formation.
  • Quantitative workforce data analysis and management including data visualisation and directing the Global Observatory.
  • Health services research particularly medicines related and associated workforce development.
  • Education research and publishing.
  • International policy evaluation on healthcare education.

Teaching interests

  • Teaching on the MPharm and post-registration professional programs on pharmacokinetics, consultation and communication skills, clinical pharmacy and therapeutics, research methods, competency-based training for foundation and advanced practice.
  • Pharmacotherapeutics on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
  • Programmes Director for UCL Foundation School through the PG Diploma for General Practice Pharmacy (Foundation Training). This is Europe’s largest single Foundation Training programme and has set design standards for many other countries.
  • Director for the MSc Advanced Practice programme.
  • Director for the Certificate in Medicines Management for Pharmacy Technicians – one of the few national programmes for registered technicians, working in collaboration with NHS Trusts.
FIP Education Initiative

Collaborations and partnerships

  • Director for Education Development for the international pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) which is the global leadership body for pharmacy with outreach to over 4 million practitioners in 127 countries.
  • UNESCO as coordinator of the joint UNITWIN global pharmacy education network.
  • WHO in partnership with human resources for health, workforce development and global policy formation on pharmacy education.
  • Monash University and University of North Carolina in partnership with global platforms for education resource and practitioner support tools.
  • The Royal Pharmaceutical Society as expert advisor on the Royal College Faculty, and as director of the joint RPS-FIP Global Pharmacy Workforce Observatory.
  • The North, Central and East London NHS Trusts.

Prof Ian Bates


  • Professor
    Practice & Policy
    UCL School of Pharmacy

Joined UCL


Professor Bates’ research interests include education (undergraduate and postgraduate), from both the behavioural and organisational perspectives, in addition to more mainstream pharmaceutical service themes, such as evidence based pharmaceutical care. Research activities range from health services research through to clinical pharmacy and educational research. Prof Bates has published over 200 peer reviewed articles and abstracts across all of these fields, and has built a large research network through which to conduct these activities. 

The research profile is focused on education, workforce development and policy development with a focus on utility and benefit outcomes, with pharmacy, medicines and inter-professional training are central subjects.  Prof Bates takes a very pragmatic, problem-solving approach that has enabled engagement and leadership activity to be predominant and has gained a robust reputation from the service sector. This research experience has led to several high profile doctoral level projects which have changed the course and direction of national and international health workforce policy.

In 2016, professor Bates, in partnership with FIP through the UCL Collaborating Centre, launched the first global strategic framework for workforce development, with endorsement from 127 countries and the WHO.  These Global Workforce Development Goals will form the basis for worldwide strategic planning and development of the pharmaceutical workforce in order to better address the growing challenges of pharmaceutical health services provision.

Prof Bates has extensive experience of curriculum design methods, and has been consulted by a number of universities and agencies. For example, European Commission TEMPUS project grant holders.

Research Supervision

 In addition to PhD supervision, this embraces Master’s level post-graduate degree research projects and also international ERASMUS exchange students each year. He has supervised over 30 doctoral theses.  He is a UCL and University of London PhD Examiner, and has been External Examiner for notable universities including Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff, Trinity College Dublin, King’s, LSHTM, Strathclyde, Monash University, University Kwazulu-Natal (SA), Sterling University; Queen’s University Belfast; St George’s Medical School, London.

Collaborators include Barts & the London NHS Trust; Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust; London Region Specialist Services; Kings College, London Department of Pharmacy; Faculty of Pharmacy, Zagreb University, Croatia; Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, Portugal; Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Navarra, Spain; International Pharmaceutical Students Federation; European Pharmaceutical Students Association; European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy; Monash University, Australia and the NAPE Initiative; University of North Carolina, US;  The International Pharmaceutical Federation, together with WHO and UNESCO, are active research and professional partners.

Award year Qualification Institution
1982 MSc
Master of Science
1979 B.Pharm
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Chelsea College

Professor Ian Bates holds the Chair of Pharmacy Education at the UCL School of Pharmacy as Head of Educational Development and is a Faculty Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. He is currently on secondment to the National Health Service (NHS) in London, as academic lead across the university teaching hospitals and additionally as Professor of Integrated Care Education at Whittington Health NHS Trust.  Professor Bates is the Director of Education Development for the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), leading an international team appointed by FIP working in partnership with WHO and UNESCO, with an outreach of over 4 million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists worldwide.  He is Editor-in-Chief of Pharmacy Education, an international research journal hosted by FIP which has been publishing peer reviewed educational research continuously since 2000.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, and a Trustee for the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association. He was awarded Fellowship of the International Pharmaceutical Federation in 2012 in recognition of global leadership in education and workforce. 

Professor Bates is the Programme Director for the UCL Joint Foundation School, accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, providing foundation training and workplace education for practitioner development for all NHS pharmacists across the London geography.  Additionally, he provides advice on workplace education and workforce development for many domestic and international institutions and agencies.  Professor Bates is the Coordinator for the FIP-UNESCO Global UNITWIN Network for Education, a transnational network spanning universities and countries worldwide.  He is the independent Advisor for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society on educational matters and policy development.  He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association in recognition of his global leadership in international education development.