National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood


Publications and presentations

Data from the NSHPC is located in published papers archive and conference presentations archive. For articles published before 2015 and previously attended conferences, please visit the archives.

Recent Papers

National audit of perinatal HIV infections in the UK, 2006-2013: what lessons can be learnt? (2018). H Peters, C Thorne, PA Tookey and L Byrne. HIV Medicine.

Protease inhibitors and preterm delivery: another piece in the puzzle. (2018). G Favarato, C Townsend, H Bailey, H Peters, P Tookey, G Taylor and C Thorne. AIDS.

Pregnancy incidence and outcomes in women with perinatal HIV infection. (2017). L Byrne, R Sconza, C Foster, P Tookey, M Cortina-Borja and C Thorne. AIDS.

UK national clinical audit: management of pregnancies in women with HIV. (2017). S Raffe, H Curtis, P Tookey, H Peters, A Freedman, Y Gilleece and on behalf of the British HIV Association Audit and Standards Sub-Committee. BMC Infect Dis.

Operative vaginal delivery and invasive procedures in pregnancy among women living with HIV. (2017). H Peters, K Francis, K Harding, P Tookey and C Thorne. EJOG.

UK Mother to Child HIV Transmission Rates Continue to Decline: 2012-2014. (2017). H Peters, K Francis, R Sconza, A Horn, C Peckham, P Tookey and C Thorne. CID.

Loss to follow-up after pregnancy among Sub-Suharan African-born women living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. (2016). S Tariq, J Elford, C Chau, C French, M Cortina-Borja, A Brown, V Delpech and P Tookey. Sex Transm Dis.

Pregnancies in older women living with HIV in the UK and Ireland. (2016). CL Townsend, A de Ruiter, H Peters, C Nelson-Piercy, P Tookey and C Thorne. HIV Medicine.

Presentation for care and antenatal management of HIV in the UK, 2009 - 2014. (2016). CE French, C Thorne, L Byrne, M Cortina-Borja and PA Tookey. HIV Medicine

Strategies for Monitoring Outcomes in HIV-Exposed Uninfected Children in the United Kingdom. (2016). Thorne C and Tookey P. Front. Immunol.

Maternal and foetal outcomes among 4118 women with HIV infection treated with lopinavir/ritonavir during pregnancy: analysis of population-based surveillance data from the national study of HIV in pregnancy and childhood in the United Kingdom and Ireland. (2016). Pat A. Tookey, Claire Thorne, Jean van Wyk and Michael Norton. BMC Infect Dis.

The risk of viral rebound in the year after delivery in women remaining on antiretroviral therapy. (2015). Huntington S, Thorne C, Newell ML, Anderson J, Taylor GP, Pillay D, Hill T, Tookey PA, Sabin C, UK CHIC Study and NSHPC. AIDS.

Duration of ruptured membranes and mother-to-child HIV transmission: a prospective population-based surveillance study. (2016). H Peters, L Byrne, A De Ruiter, K Francis, K Harding, GP Taylor, PA Tookey, and CL Townsend. BJOG.

Pregnancy is associated with elevation of liver enzymes in HIV-positive women on antiretroviral therapy. (2015). Huntington S, Thorne C, Newell ML, Anderson J, Taylor GP, Pillay D, Hill T, Tookey PA, Sabin C, UK CHIC Study and NSHPC. AIDS.

Upcoming Conferences

17-20 April 2018 | British HIV Association (BHIVA) ConferenceEdinburgh, UK

Oral Presentations

Title: Audit of perinatally acquired HIV in UK-born infants 2014-2017

Presenter: Helen Peters

Presentation date: 18 April 2018

Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (Session 1)

Title: Assessing the influence of BHIVA guidelines on trends in antiretroviral use in pregnancy in the UK and Ireland in 2005-2016

Presenter: Virginia Rasi

Presentation date: 19 April 2018

Time: 11:30 AM - 1: 00 PM (Session 3: Parallel HIV Session)

Poster Presentations

Title: Pregnancies in women newly diagnosed with HIV in the UK and Ireland: 2012-2016

Authors: Helen Peters, Kate Francis, Rebecca Sconza and Claire Thorne

Presentation date: 18 April 2018

Time: 6:15 PM - 7:00 PM

Poster number: 152

Posters will be available to view from 18 April 2018 at 10 AM

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