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Population, Policy and Practice Programme
UCL Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street
London WC1N 1EH

Email: nshpc@ucl.ac.uk
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National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood (NSHPC)

National surveillance of obstetric and paediatric HIV infection at UCL Institute of Child Health

Principal Investigator: Dr Pat Tookey
Sponsor: UCL Institute of Child Health, London
R&D reference: 98EB13
Data Protection Reg No: Z6364106 Section 19
Current funding bodies: Public Health England
Additional Funding
Welton Foundation (2011-2013)
National Screening Committee (2011-2013)
Ethics approval 
London REC ref: MREC/04/2/009
Reviewed 28 January 2004, and approved
Amendment (1), Perinatal HIV Audit 2002-2005,
             reviewed 2 February 2006, and approved
Amendment (2), Perinatal HIV Audit Protocol
             reviewed 8 November 2012, and approved
Annual reports to REC, latest 24 August 2012
NIGB NIGB Ref: PIAG/BPSU 2-10(a)/2005
Latest review 2 March 2012, approved data collection from sources other than PCTs and NHS Trusts (see next item)
STD Regulations 2000
Data can be provided from PCTs and NHS Trusts under the exemption specified in the STD Regulations 2000 in order to support the treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted disease

Additional information

The British HIV Association, Children’s HIV Association, Perinatal, Paediatric and Young People’s Sub Group of the NHS London Specialised Commissioning Group, and the National Screening Committee all support the NSHPC and encourage clinicians to report all eligible cases to the NSHPC via our routine obstetric and paediatric reporting systems.

For further clarification or documentation please see the ethics statement [PDF, dated September 2012] or contact the NSHPC’s Principal Investigator:
Pat Tookey (p.tookey@ucl.ac.uk)

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