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Third Intermediate Period and Late Period: sites

In the Third Intermediate Period the main centres of kingship were Tanis, Bubastis and Thebes. The home city of the 26th Dynasty in the Late Period was Sais, little investigated, but recently surveyed by a team led by Penelope Wilson. The following sites on Digital Egypt for Universities include settlements and cemeteries of these periods:

UC 14496
UC 37140, amulet found at Kafr Ammar
UC 14468, relief Late Period, from Koptos
UC 16255, amulet found at Lahun
UC 15991, faience bowl found at Memphis
UC 19360, fragment of a black figured vessel from Naucratis
plan of Shaghanbeh
UC 19632, shabti


other sites with some finds dating to the Third Intermediate or Late Period:

Bubastis | Meydum | Suwa


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