Bilal Gokpinar's research

Bilal‘s research interests are in new product development, collaboration, innovation and technology management. You can find some of his recent research projects below.

A sample of some of his recent projects:

Coordination problems in Complex Product Development

What is the role of product architecture and organizational communication in complex product development efforts? What is the impact of misalignment between complex product architecture and organizational structure on final product quality? (published in Management Science)

Globally Distributed Product Design and Performance

How to design a complex product globally? How to manage complex product architecture? What is the most efficient way of distributing complex subsystems across global design centres? How to achieve both NPD efficiency and high quality at the same time in globally designed products? (paper under review)

New Technology and Service Development

What is the effect of development of new technologies and services on current products in the telecommunications industry? How does the relationship between technology/service developers and client firms affect product and service performance? How does a new technology improve clients’ operational performance?

The Effect of Customer Feedback and Organizational Learning on Product Innovation

What is the role of customer feedback and organizational learning in the design of new generation of products?

Outsourcing Decisions in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Firms

What are the key tradeoffs in outsourcing and contract-manufacturing decisions in pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms? Which operational and organisational capabilities affect outsourcing decisions at various stages of drug development life cycle? (funded by Technology Strategy Board)

Collaboration Networks and Academic Performance

What is the impact of awareness, discussion and collaboration networks on scholarly productivity and impact? A study of interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary academic collaboration in a top USA engineering school. (paper under review)

Bottlenecks and Productivity in White-Collar (Knowledge-intensive) Work

How to improve the efficiency of information flow in knowledge-intensive complex organisations? How to identify bottleneck work units and individuals? Which metrics can be used to evaluate information flow and what is the impact of bottlenecks on overall work performance?