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Bilal Gokpinar is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Management Science and Innovation at University College London (UCL). He received his PhD from Northwestern University, USA prior to joining UCL in 2008. Read more.

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Bilal‘s research interests are in new product development, collaboration, innovation and technology management. Bilal's recent research projects


Bilal teaches “Operations and Technology Management” in the MSc in Management programme at UCL. He also taught “Technology Management” and “Project Management” for a variety of departments in the Faculty of Engineering including Computer Science and Civil Engineering. Read more.


Gokpinar, B., W.J. Hopp, S.M.R. Iravani, “The Impact of Misalignment of Organization Structure and Product Architecture on Quality in Complex Product Development", Management Science, 56(3), 2010, 468-484.

Gokpinar, B., W.J. Hopp, S.M.R. Iravani, “In-house Globalization: The Role of Globally Distributed Design and Product Architecture on Product Development Performance", Production and Operations Management, Forthcoming.

Gokpinar, B., W.J. Hopp, S.M.R. Iravani,“Mapping Social Networks to Improve Product Quality”, Quality Digest, 04/14/2010

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