Bert De Reyck's research

Bert De Reyck's research focuses on the developmen of frameworks, methods and tools for supporting decision and risk analysis, project management, project portfolio management and technology management. Applications of this research can be found in R&D-intensive industries such as pharmaceuticals, energy, aerospace and high-tech companies.

A sample of some of his recent projects:

Contract Design  for R&D Licensing
Contract Design  for R&D Licensing

How should innovators design licensing contracts, when there is incomplete information on the partner’s valuation of the innovation, and limited control over the partner’s development efforts? (published in Operations Research)

Managing Technology Risks in R&D Project Management

What are the advantages and disadvantages of parallelizing R&D activities and simultaneously pursuing alternative technologies, when investments have to be made at risk? (published in IIE Transactions, recipient of the Outstanding Paper Award of the IEEE Engineering Management Society)

An Integrated Decision-Making Approach for improving European Air Traffic Management

A model supporting the European Commission’s Single European Sky initiative, evaluating alternative air traffic management improvement programmes (published in Management Science and Interfaces; finalist for Daniel Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice, Practice Award of the Decision Analysis Society and INFORMS Case Competition Award).

Optimal Investment under Operational Flexibility, Risk Aversion and Uncertainty

When should we invest in, expand, shrink or abandon risky projects depending on market conditions? (published in the European Journal of Operational Research)

Rebuild of the New York Transit System after the Collapse of the World Trade Center

Programme management and planning for the rebuild of the subway system in New York that was partially destroyed as a result of the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.

R&D Project Valuation and Negotiations

How can we value early-stage R&D projects and support licensing negotiations? (published in Interfaces; recipient of INFORMS Case Competition Award)

Impact of Project Portfolio Management on Technology Projects

What is the impact of project portfolio management processes on the performance of information technology projects? (published in the International Journal of Project Management)

Real Options Valuation using Decision Analysis

A novel approach for valuing real options in projects (published in the European Journal of Operational Research).

The Value of Flexibilty in New Product Development: The Impact of Competiion

How does the intensity of competition influence the value of flexibility in new product development projects, and when should new products be launched, or projects abandoned?

Dunlop Aerospace and Boeing’s 787 Programme

Programme management and planning for Dunlop Aerospace’s biggest programme, the development of wheels, brakes and control systems for Boeing’s 787 airliner.a Code

Eaton Aerospace and Lockheed Martin’s Joint Strike Fighter F-35 Programme

Programme management and planning for Eaton Aerospace biggest programme, the development of hydraulic control systems for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning-II Joint Strike Fighter.