Bart Vanneste


Bart Vanneste is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in the Department of Management Science and Innovation (MS&I). Before joining UCL, he was a faculty member at INSEAD. Read more.

Bart Vanneste's CV


Bart‘s research interests include M&A, alliances, trust, contracts, and corporate strategy. 


Vanneste B.S., Puranam P. & Kretschmer T. (2013), Trust over Time in Exchange Relationships: Meta-Analysis and Theory, Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.

Vanneste B.S. & Frank D.H. (2013), Forgiveness in Vertical Relationships: Incentive and Termination Effects, Organization Science, forthcoming

Vanneste B.S. & Puranam P. (2010), Repeated Interactions and Contractual Detail: Identifying the Learning Effect, Organization Science, 21(1), p. 186-201

Puranam P. & Vanneste B.S. (2009), Trust and Governance: Untangling a Tangled Web, Academy of Management Review, 34(1), p. 11-31

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