MBBS Admissions Information

This notice board is updated regularly with new information so please check here from time to time if you have applied for medicine or are considering applying in the future.

Notice Board
Selection procedure for the 2017 UCAS cycle

This update was sent to all applicants by email on 24/11/2016:

The mean scores for all applicants to UCL this year are as follows:

Section 1: 4.7

Section 2: 4.8

Section 3: 3.1 A

May we remind applicants that we do not use a cut-off score for BMAT. All applications will have been read, at least once but more likely several times, and all information (including BMAT scores) will be taken into consideration before a decision is made. We are providing the average scores to you now so that you can get a sense of whether your own scores are above or below average. However, since the scores alone do not determine the outcome of an application, this is for guidance only.

What happens next?

For the next four months we will be reviewing all applications in light of the now available BMAT scores. Candidates who are selected for interview will be contacted by email to notify them that an invitation has been sent to the UCL Applicant Portal. We will try to give at least two weeks’ notice, more where possible. In October we sent an email to all applicants to inform you of the interview dates and provided instructions on how you can submit details of your unavailability on those dates. You may continue to update your unavailability throughout the application process. Please re-read that email now to ensure that you are clear on this procedure.

Please be aware that selected applicants will be issued with invitations on a rolling basis between December and mid-March.

Applicants who are not selected for interview will be notified via UCAS Track, again between now and the end of March. Until we send you a decision, your application is still pending and we cannot provide a ‘status update’. A lot of our time can be taken up answering such queries, often from parents of applicants, and we ask that you and your representatives refrain from calling or emailing for updates or to discuss BMAT scores, as this takes up valuable time that we could better spend reviewing applications and processing decisions. We appreciate that everyone would like a quick decision, but we have well over 2000 applications to assess and it is more important that this is done properly than quickly. Be assured that all applications will be processed before the end of March.

Visiting UCL Medical School

The teaching for medical students takes place at a variety of campus locations and that there is no specific single building to visit. It is therefore not possible to offer individual department visits for Medicine. 

Visiting UCL in person

Prospective students who are interested in applying to UCL and would like to visit the main campus before making an application are advised to first consider attending one of the UCL Open Days or to sign up for a student-guided campus tour

If no guided tours are available on dates that you find convenient, it is possible to undertake the self-guided tour on any weekday. 

If you have specific questions about applying for Medicine, the majority should be answered on this website. You can also email us with any particular queries.

You can attend a range of public events at UCL. Find information about these via the Visit UCL website.

Resources you can use from home

For those unable to visit in person, virtual tours of the Bloomsbury campus and of student accommodation are also available. 

University of London Information Days

Each September the University of London holds an Information Day and UCL participates. The event is held very close to the UCL campus and provides a final opportunity for prospective students to visit and take a student-led tour of UCL's facilities prior to the October application deadline. If you are interested in applying but have not managed to visit us before September, you may wish to find out more here.

Work experience We are often asked about the type of work experience that we expect students to undertake in preparation to apply. We would recommend that prospective students read the work experience guide on the Medical Schools Council website here