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Open access for Wellcome Trust research

Wellcome Building

If your research is funded by the Wellcome Trust, you must comply with the Wellcome open access policy.

The Wellcome Trust prefers Gold open access, and UCL has funding from the Wellcome Trust to pay Gold fees. Provided your publisher complies with Wellcome requirements, you are strongly advised to choose this option.

The policy requirements are set out below. Visit our Funding page to arrange payment of Gold fees.

Policy scope
  • The policy applies to peer-reviewed research articles, scholarly monographs and book chapters
  • Editorials, reviews, conference proceedings, textbooks, ‘trade’ books, general reference works and collections edited (but not authored) by grant holders are not included
Key requirement
  • The work must be deposited in Europe PubMed Central as soon as possible, and no later than six months after publication
Licensing (Gold)
  • The Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence is required for Gold open access
  • CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-ND is permitted for books and book chapters, though CC BY is preferred

If your journal's Gold option does not meet these requirements, comply using Green open access:

  • Your publisher must allow you to make your final accepted manuscript open access in Europe PubMed Central no later than six months after publication
  • Use Europe PMC plus to self-archive articles
  • Use the Wellcome book deposit form to self-archive books and book chapters
  • Some publishers (e.g. Nature) will deposit Wellcome-funded manuscripts for you - make sure that they are aware that your paper is Wellcome-funded

If you fail to comply, the Wellcome Trust may withhold part of your existing grant, and refuse you funding in future.

Contact the Open Access Team to find out which options are available to you.

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