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Please note that between Monday 31 July 2017 and Thursday 3 August 2017 (inclusive) we will not be able to register new users or offer alteration of details / renewal of accounts for existing users. Users with existing, valid records should be unaffected. UCL Library Services apologises for any inconvenience caused.

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There is a reciprocal arrangement between SOAS and UCL, which allows members of each College special privileges over and above those usually offered to University of London members.

Under the agreement the borrowing privileges will be as follows:

  • Staff: 3 books
  • PhD/MPhil students: 3 books
  • Taught postgraduates: 3 books

Undergraduates are not able to borrow but can obtain reference access for the academic year. Special arrangements apply to intercollegiate students.

Current SOAS ID (including photograph) plus standard proof of address (see What do I need to bring with me?) for details. Those applying for borrowing access should also bring a passport sized photograph.