UCL Library Services


Private researchers and members of the public


Information for ALL external users, please read first

Please note that between Monday 31 July 2017 and Thursday 3 August 2017 (inclusive) we will not be able to register new users or offer alteration of details / renewal of accounts for existing users. Users with existing, valid records should be unaffected. UCL Library Services apologises for any inconvenience caused.

The Library welcomes private researchers and members of the public who can demonstrate a genuine need to consult material which is held at UCL and not readily available elsewhere. However, they would need to pay a fee to use the library facilities.

The charges are currently £7.00 per person per day, £20.00 per person per week or £30.00 per person per month. Longer-term rates may also be available but only after a research need interview with the head of membership.

Please contact the Head of Membership (contact details to the right) in advance with details of your research and proposed visit.

External users are not allowed to borrow books. Those wishing to use the law collection are not able to gain access at all during term time, even if they are willing to pay a fee.