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Database FAQs

UCL Library Services provides access to bibliographical and full-text databases which can be used by UCL staff and students both on- and off-site. Content must be used within the terms and conditions of our licences.

Quick answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning databases can be found below.  More detailed information about using MetaLib can be found in our guide or in the help section within MetaLib.

If you have any questions or problems using databases or MetaLib then please contact us.

How do I access databases?
How do I get additional help?
How can I see which journal the article is from?
What is SFX@UCL and why can't I always see the button?
How can I get rid of pop-up messages which appear when I log in?
Why isn't my search returning any results?
Are the top results in ExpertSearch the most relevant to my search?
Can I export my search results into Reference Manager / EndNote?
Can I use SFX links in PubMed?
How does SFX work in Google Scholar?