Peter Langford Brooke

23rd Apr 1793 - 9th Jan 1840

Claimant or beneficiary


Peter Langford Brooke of Mere Hall, Cheshire, brother of Thomas Langford Brooke (q.v.).

  1. Married Elizabeth Sophia Rowley, daughter of Admiral Sir Charles Rowley, 1st Bt. and Elizabeth King, on 1 July 1818. Married Julia Seymour Buccleuch Campbell, daughter of the late Col. Campbell of Shawfield, at Islay House, 02/11/1836.


T71/877 Antigua claim nos. 28 (Langford's), 105 (The Wood), 308 (Jonas) and 392 (Laroche's).

  1. For Brooke's first marriage see [accessed 19/12/2011]; for his second marriage, see Gentleman's Magazine (1836), vol. 161 p. 561.

Further Information

(1) Elizabeth Sophia Rowley (2) Julia Seymour Buccleuch Campbell

Associated Claims (4)

£2,461 7S 7D
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£3,701 14S 4D
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£1,935 13S 3D
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£2,306 18S 3D
Awardee (Trustee)

Legacies Summary

Physical (2)

Country house
Mere Old Hall 
Country house
Mere New Hall [Built] 
description →
Red brick Elizabethan built to a design of Thomas Johnson of...
notes →
Built c. 1834; the Old Hall was truncated in 1836 after remodelling in 1809-1815. Old Hall let to Manchester emrchants in 19thC.  Main block of New Hall burnt down 1975: building is now...

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Mere Old Hall, Mere, Cheshire, North-west England, England