Andrew Colvile

6th Nov 1779 - 1856

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Son of James Wedderburn-Colvile of Inveresk (the second son of the executed Sir John Wedderburn 5th bart.) and Isabella Blackburn. Joined Webster, Wedderburn in 1798. Married (1) 1802 Elizabeth Susannah Wedderburn (d. 1803); (2) 1806 Hon. Mary Louisa [sic]  Eden [sic]. In 1814 took the name and arms of Colvile of Ochiltree.

  2. On 14/05/1850 appointed with James Cavan, William King, Charles McGarel, Charles Cave and Michael McChlery Esq to be Her Majesty's Commissioners in England for borrowing, raising, managing and expending the funds under an Ordinance of the Governor and Court of Policy of British Guiana, entitled 'An ordinance to authorise the raising on loan of a sum of five hundred thousand pounds for immigration purposes.'

  3. In the 1851 census Andrew Colvile 'landed proprietor' aged 71 b. Edin[?] Co. N.B. was living at 44 Eaton Place with wife Louisa Mary aged 62 born Spain and daughters Jane, Isalen Mary and Margaret Agnes aged 30, 25 and 21. Death of Andrew Colvile registered Q1 1856 St George's Hanover Square.

  4. The coal-mining town of Colvile in British Columbia was named after Andrew Colvile on its establishment in 1852.

  5. Colvile was a major figure in the Hudson's Bay Company of Canada: a proprietor from 1809; member of the Committee from 1810 and very influential in the administration of the company; also played a major part in effecting the union of it with the North West Company in 1821. Became Deputy Governor 1839, and Governor, 1852 until his death in 1856.

  6. Andrew Colvile was the half-brother of Robert Wedderburn, the important anti-slavery activist and socialist who wrote, among other works, the autobiographical work The Horrors of Slavery (1824). The Horrors of Slavery occasioned a minor press war between Colvile and Wedderburn, the former disputing the latter's kinship claims.

  7. Under the will of Andrew Colvile proved 12/02/1856 (made in 1834) he left an annuity to his wife Louisa Mary of £400 p.a. over and above what was provided for her in their marriage settlement, and left £10,000 to his younger sons and daughters (with additional legacies to raise the minimum share to £3000 for sons and £2000 for daughters), with the residue of the estate to pass to James William Colvile or in the event of his death to Eden Colvile. James William Colvile (who has an entry in the ODNB as 'judge in India' left £80,000 in Britain in 1880; Eden Colvile died in 1893.


T71/877 Antigua claim no. 331 (Diamond Estate).

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Further Information

(1) Elizabeth Susannah (2) Louisa Mary Eden
Louisa (1815-), Jane (1820-), Georgiana Mary (1822-), Isalen Mary (1825-), Caroline (1827-), John Barclay[?] (1838-), Eden Colvile

Associated Claims (19)

£1,115 2S 9D
£11,257 5S 7D
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£1,506 11S 2D
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£3,870 19S 8D
£5,622 17S 11D
£6,005 0S 10D
£2,087 5S 10D
£5,866 16S 8D
£5,417 1S 5D
£1,855 7S 7D
£765 10S 10D
£2,755 18S 10D
£4,583 13S 7D
£3,574 3S 0D
£2,839 1S 4D
£2,727 6S 5D
£2,125 6S 7D
£221 8S 0D
£6,597 12S 5D
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

Legacies Summary

Commercial (3)

Hudson Bay Co.
Canada Merchant  
notes →
1. General Court of Governor and Company of the Adventurers of England trading into Hudson's Bay convened 21/4/1856 to elect a Governor, Deputy Governor and Committeemen consequent upon the death of...
notes →
1. Retired by rotation from Board of Marine Insurance Co., and stood for re-election 1841, 1845, 1848 and...
Senior partner
Wedderburn, Webster
West India merchant  

Imperial (2)

Hudson's Bay Company Canada 
notes →
A proprietor from 1809; member of the Committee from 1810; Deputy Governor 1839; Governor,...
sources →
Canada: British Columbia including Vancouver Island 
notes →
Fort Colville in British Columbia was named after Andrew Colvile when it was established in 1825 and the name was transferred to the city of Colville, established nearby in...
sources →
G.P.V. and Helen B. Akrigg, British Columbia Placenames (University of British Columbia Press: Vancouver, 1986; 3rd edition 1997), 'Nanaimo' p....

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Father → Son

Addresses (2)

11 Lower Berkeley Street, London, Middlesex, London, England
44 Eaton Place, London, Middlesex, London, England