Simon Fraser of Ness Castle

1727 - 1810

Slave-owner and antecedent of claimant or beneficiary


Simon Fraser of Ness Castle, London merchant, father of Lady Saltoun (q.v.) and Simon Fraser (1752-1793, q.v.), and grandfather of the London West India merchant William Fraser (q.v.). It has not yet been definitively established whether the Good Hope estate in British Guiana belonged to Simon Fraser of Ness Castle or to his son Simon Fraser (1752-1793) or his grandson the Hon. Simon Fraser, but part of the compensation for the enslaved upon it was paid to trustees under the will of Simon Fraser of Ness Castle (although the will itself does not mention ownership of an estate in British Guiana). It also seems likely that he was the Simon Fraser among the second wave purchasers of land in Tobago, appearing c. 1773 as the present possessor of Great River division (St Mary parish) Lots nos. 7 and 8 (100 acres each) which became the Sion Hill estate.

  1. The entry in the ODNB as 'army officer' for Alexander George Fraser, 16th Lord Saltoun, grandson of Simon Fraser describes the former's mother Margery (Lady Saltoun) as 'daughter and heir of Simon Fraser of Newcastle [sic], a director of the East India Company.'

  2. Simon Fraser died 19/05/1810 in New Cavendish Street 'in the 84th year of his age.'

  3. Will of Simon Frazer [sic] of Blackheath Kent proved 02/10/1810. In the will he related that he had in 1800 settled all his real estate in Aberdeenshire on his grandson Alexander George, Lord Saltoun, and all his real estate in Invernesshire on his grandson the Hon. Simon Fraser (d. 1811). The will of Simon Frazer shows him leaving his (unnamed) estates in Dominica and Tobago to trustees, with instructions to reinvest in them, and the residue to be accounted part of his personalty. It is clear he also held mortgages over other estates, but the will gives no specifics.


  1. ODNB online, H.M. Stephens, rev. James Lunt, 'Fraser, Alexander George, sixteenth Lord Saltoun of Abernethy (1785-1835), army officer.'

  2. Inverness Journal 01/06/1810.

  3. PROB 11/1515/375.

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Simon Fraser (b. 1752. d. 1793 Dominica); Lady Saltoun

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Probably but not certainly the Simon Fraser shown as the present proprietor c. 1773 was the Simon Fraser of Ness Castle in whose will (proved in 1810) are mentioned unnamed estates in Tobago.

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