Simon Fraser

1752 - 1793

Slave-owner and antecedent of claimant or beneficiary


Son of Simon Fraser of Ness Castle and Kings Arms Yard, Coleman Street (q.v.).

576A £1105 14s 8d to Saltoun & Bayley; £1105 14s 8d to Dundas, both 23/1/1836; 576B (shown as 5  B in PP) £1105 14s 8d to Vile. T71/881 Saltoun, Bayley, Dundas = owners and devisees in trust and executors of S Fraser decd. by their attorney J Gordon.  CC from Oliver Vile, of Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London, assignee in trust of one-third of the slaves and two debts thereon = 1/3rd of compensation money. CC from Allan Stewart Laing of Inner temple London, executor of James Laing judgment on bond. Sturge & Harvey p xvii CB, sugar estate, absentee: slaves from 281 to 162, 224 deaths and 51 births. 'The reader will not fail to observe the fewness of the births as well as the fearful number of deaths on these estates.' Lord Saltoun = at meeting of merchants, shipowners and others interested in WI, The Times 28/5/1833 p. 5.

This was the estate of Simon Fraser (1752-93) who was the brother of Lady Saltoun, and who died in Dominica in 1793, leaving money to Lady Saltoun's daughters.


T71/881 Dominica 576A&B shows the Castle Bruce estate that belonged to Simon Fraser.

Further Information


PROB 11/1245: reported to show bequest of estate to daughters of Simon Fraser's sister, Lady Saltoun.

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£3,317 4S 0D
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1773 [EA] - 1793 [LA] → Joint owner

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Son → Father
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