Joint Research Office


HRA Update

15 February 2013

The Health Research Authority is conducting a feasibility study to test the potential benefits of a streamlined HRA assessment.

The study looks at whether the HRA could set up an assessment would enable: local NHS Trust decisions to be made on the basis of capacity and capability; and Research Ethics Committees to make decisions based on this assessment and their review of novel ethical issues.

Catherine Barton-Sweeney (JRO Research Management and Governance Manager) recently attended and provided input into the HRA Stakeholder event on the streamlined process, in which key areas of change were discussed and opinions shared.

Four key workshops and ‘task and finish groups’ have also been established to work through the feasibility and detail of a potential HRA assessment. Catherine and Rajinder Sidhu (Deputy Director of Research Support) have both been accepted to be members of these groups, which will meet in the coming weeks.