Joint Research Office



How long does it take to set up a study?
Is my study research?
What are ethics committees?
What is a Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medicinal Product (CTIMP)?
What is an investigational medicinal product (IMP)?
What is a Medical Device?
If your study meets the definition of a CTIMP or Medical Device trial requiring MHRA approval, who do you contact?
What is an ATMP?
How do I fill out an Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) form?
What is a peer review?
What format should my protocol take?
Will UCL or UCLH act as legal representative for my study?
Do I need a Letter of Access or Honorary Research Contract?
Will someone at the Joint Research Office sign my grant application on behalf of the organisation?
I am a student - why does my study need costing?
Who can I contact to discuss costing of research studies?
Where can I find the costing templates for NHS studies?
What do you mean by financial management?
Who can I approach if I require a contract to be put in place?
How do I submit a substantial amendment?
Is there someone at the Joint Research Office I can speak to about Intellectual Property?
Does GDPR affect my research study?
Where UCL are the Sponsor, to what extent is it acceptable to share data externally?
What is the difference between pseudonomised data and anonymised data?
What should you do if you think your study or project will result in a novel invention or any other form of Intellectual property right?