Joint Research Office

Costing and Finance Team

Finance and Contracts

At the Joint Research Office (JRO) we have a finance team skilled in costing research projects and making sure everything you need is included in your grant or application. 

As soon as you consider putting in a grant application come and see the finance team – it will save you a lot of work and help with the success of your application. The team would appreciate as much notice as possible of a grant submission so that they can carry out and agree a complete costing with you. Your R&D Coordinator will be happy to help you access the finance support you need if you are unsure.

Funding for NHS support costs from the CLRN

When you make a research grant application, the costs that are categorised as NHS support costs, if agreed, are claimed from the NIHR Comprehensive Local Research Network (CLRN).

Funding bodies often ask for a costing for the NHS support costs that you will be applying for.

More information can be found central and east London pages of the CRN website

Finance staff in the JRO will help you complete these forms and, if your grant application is successful, they will submit the forms to the CLRN on your behalf.

Contact: R&D.Finance@uclh.nhs.uk

Financial management of your project 

Financial issues don’t end once you have the grant in place. Keeping your grant monies in good order is important for the success, not only of your project, but for the future success of your grant applications. Delivering your project on time and to budget is a sign of a well planned and executed project. We provide financial management including invoicing and financial monitoring of your study.

Contact R&D.Finance@uclh.nhs.uk

Help with contracts

Depending on the type of study and the relationship between UCL/UCLH/Royal Free and third parties, you may need to put in place contracts/agreements that define  the roles, responsibilities and liabilities of the various organisations involved.

Go to the Links to model contracts page for more information about the types of contracts used in commercial and non-commercial research hosted by UCLH and Royal Free.

Other types of contracts may be used in sponsored studies or research that involves tissue/data/funds transfer.