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Research Computing Platform Services

ISD Research Computing offers advanced services for computationally intensive research, including three compute platforms each specialised for working on different types of problem. Commonly used software including compilers, numerical libraries and some popular applications are also provided.

These pages are maintained by the research computing platform services team for the purpose of helping researchers to make the best use of our services. This includes user guides, service updates and account request and renewal support.

Note: Links marked with (wiki) link to the research computing support wiki.

Computing Platforms

Use the links below for information and user guides on the following topics:

Support Services

For support for any of our services or for general advice and consultancy, contact us at:
We will endeavour to answer queries on any aspect of computing related to your research whatever your skill level or requirements.

We also run regular training courses to help you get up and running with our services.

User Accounts

We now have a single application process for Legion, Iridis and Emerald. Follow the link below for information on how to apply for an account:

Access to Legion, Iridis and Emerald is provided through membership of Research Computing Consortia, which group users by broad research themes. To find out which consortium is the best fit for your research follow this link:


Academic oversight of the Research Computing Platform Service is provided by the
Computational Resource Allocation Group (CRAG)
and by the
Research Computing Group

Useful Links

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