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Research Computing Platform Services

ISD Research Computing Platform Services support computationally intensive research at UCL through provision of access to high performance computing platforms, commonly used software and research applications, training and support.

Online Support

Research computing platform services provides online support for users of the Legion, Emerald and Iridis computing platforms:

  • Explore our comprehensive user guides
  • Find out how to apply for a user account
  • Get service updates and metrics

Email support

If you can't find what you're looking for on the support pages, or for general advice and consultancy, email:
We will endeavour to answer queries on any aspect of computing related to your research whatever your skill level or requirements.


We also provide training to help new users get started with research computing. Our courses include:

See the course schedule for all of the upcoming courses provided by RITS

About the Research Computing Platforms Service

The research computing platforms team provide support, advice and consultancy to UCL researchers using our services. We have responsibility for maintaining and installing applications on legion, incident management, and liaising with the CfI regarding Emerald and Iridis.

Our team combine computing expertise with experience using platforms like Legion, Iridis and Emerald for research ourselves.


Academic oversight of the Research Computing Platform Service is provided by the Computational Resource Allocation Group (CRAG) which reports to the Research Computing Group.

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