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Digital Media Services

We support UCL by providing design, photographic, digitisation and video production for use in teaching and learning, promotion, PR, and research. Our aim is to provide services of the highest quality at an affordable cost, without compromising creativity.

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Offering extensive expertise in creating and delivering all forms of media content using the various methods available: publications, presentations, audio podcasts, slideshows, videos, and online materials.

The UCL Digital Media team are based in the Cruciform

The team provides digital and creative media services to all of UCL, including graphic design, photography, video, digitisation, illustration, poster and large format print.

What we offer

Design services


We specialise in providing materials used to educate, inform and persuade e.g. advertisements, flyers, brochures, annual reports, promotional items, presentation material, direct mail and similar.

Professionally designed work attracts far more attention and the team advises on usage of the UCL visual identity in publications so that it is used appropriately across all printed and electronic materials. Where appropriate, the team will advise and create corporate branding, logo and identity design for UCL academic departments, research projects and Professional Services teams.

Design for web is an aspect to the work undertaken where we work for many UCL Departments in collaboration with web developers in the ISD Web & Mobile team, creating websites that conform to the style guide, keeping a degree of uniformity, whilst providing originality.

Media production

Media production

We make films to present the University’s teaching, research and PR activities to a global audience and have a great deal of experience in producing material for teaching, research and for promotional purposes. We capture important events that occur across UCL in the form of lectures, visiting dignitaries, cultural and newsworthy events.

Work is recorded either on location or in the studio and edited to a broadcast-standard High Definition format before being converted for mainly online publication through UCL chosen delivery channels such as UCLTV on YouTube, SoundCloud and streamed through UCL websites. Events such as Lunch Hour lectures are videoed and streamed live to an ever increasing audience.

We also provide services such as audio capture, video editing, encoding and duplication. The team will work whenever and wherever necessary in making recordings. 

Photography services


The increasing need to add visually stimulating and informative material to UCL websites, blogs and portals requires constant flow of new imagery produced in high quality. The photographer’s day is spent covering all aspects of UCL activities photographing people in their working environment, which includes experiments, labs, offices, workshops, works of art, museum objects and specimens.

Throughout the year requests are made for undertaking photography of the UCL estate, capturing the architectural changes of both interiors and exteriors also staff and student group and portrait photographs. The area of business growth over the last few years has been in the Digitisation and Scanning of UCL held material especially from Library – Special Collections and UCL Museums.

The photographic team manages and populates UCL Imagestore.

Poster production

Poster production & printing

Our large-format poster printing & lamination service is offered in print sizes from A4 to oversize A0 and are of photographic quality. We supply Pop up banners and display signage and we are now branching out into the field of Digital wallpaper using a low tack non-destructive substrate.

Help & Self-service resources

Further help

Further help

About the UCL Digital Media team and related information

All services are offered at competitive rates, this covers all direct costs and contributes towards keeping our equipment and running costs to a minimum. Customers must provide us with a University eIDT charge code for all our services. External customers can pay via invoice and by providing a purchase order. We also take credit and debit card payments for personal or non UCL Academic Posters.

Additional creative services at UCL are offered by:

The ISD LTMS Medical Illustration team - Health Creatives

Located on two sites, The Royal Free and Great Ormond Street Hospitals, the Health Creatives team offer a variety of photographic, video, design and printing services primarily supporting the UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences (SLMS). The team also provide their services to external health related companies and professionals. Details about their range of services are currently held on the IT for SLMS website and for customers external to UCL, information can be found here: Health Creatives.

The UCL Communications team - Branding, internal communications, design, print, digital communications

Design and produce UCL's core corporate publications, as well as UCL's core communication campaigns. The team work alongside the UCL Brand Manager to manage and implement the UCL Visual Identity guidelines, UCL logos and templates. Details of services offered.

The UCL Student Recruitment Marketing team

Update and maintain UCL's three flagship student recruitment publications in their printed and online incarnations and offer support for market research, print and online prospectus design and production, international student recruitment, graduate marketing, digital marketing, Summer School marketing. Further information here.