International Literacy Centre


International Literacy Centre


The International Literacy Centre promotes literacy education from age 2 to 13 (Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 3). It brings together the highest quality of professional support to enable all children to achieve excellence in literacy.

What we do:

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery - an accredited school based programme for six year olds who are the lowest attaining in reading and writing. It enables them to reach age-expected levels within 20 weeks.  

Literacy Foundations

Literacy Foundations - one day professional development courses for teachers, practitioners, NQTs and TAs in F stage and KS1 preparing children for early literacy success. 

GROW@KS2 Literacy

GROW@KS2 Literacy - an accredited school based literacy programme for struggling learners in Years 3 and 4. 

GROW@KS3 Literacy

GROW@KS3 Literacy - an accredited, research based literacy programme for Year 7 students with literacy skills at National Curriculum level 3 or below. 

Which Book and Why

Which Book and Why, using Book Bands and book levels for guided reading in KS1 - this publication explores how teachers can implement guided reading more effectively, how to develop word-reading skills, reading for meaning and reading for information. 


Consultancy - bespoke consultancy provided by the ILC national leaders who are experts in literacy learning and literacy difficulties internationally.  Conference keynotes, INSET sessions, short courses, summer schools may be tailored to the needs of schools, local authorities and publishers.