UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


UCL Genomics

UCL Genomics is a collaborative research facility with expertise in state-of-the-art genomics technologies, genomics project design and data analysis. Operational for over 15 years, the Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing  (NGS) facility at the UCL GOS Institute of Child Health uses the most up-to-date equipment to support your genomic research requirements.

Highly experienced application specialists offer full support at every stage from optimal experimental design to data analysis. 

We welcome collaborations and can assist with grant applications, data analysis and data curation.


  • Experienced staff offer support and advice for experimental design, platform selection, and best practice in a wide range of genomics applications
  • DNA, RNA and library QC
  • Sample preparation from RNA or DNA for microarrays and high throughput sequencing
  • Illumina MiSeq and Nextseq500
  • Full automation for optimal high throughput
  • Full post run QC returning only good quality data
  • Customised data analysis for Microarrays, RNAseq, ChipSeq and other applications
  • Advanced project support for cutting edge applications
  • Expertise in translational genomics through close links with GOSH regional genetics laboratory

UCL Genomics Associated Laboratories

Institute of Neurology Next Generation Sequencing

The NGS facility at IoN has Illumina HiSeq2500 and 3000 systems and also offers support for data analysis.

UCL Genetics Institute

The UGI provides an outreach service for core support in bioinformatics and statistical genetics which is available to UCL and its partners.

Molecular Biology facilities, UCL Biosciences

The Molecular Biology facilities in the Division of Biosciences comprises a number of laboratories offering a range of techniques including Sanger sequencing and genotyping.

NE Thames Regional Genetics Service

The Genetics Laboratories provide an extensive range of Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics diagnostic testing services and have full clinical pathology accreditation (CPA).