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Child Health Research Appeal Trust Summer (CHRAT) Studentship Scheme

The Trustees of the Child Health Research Appeal Trust normally offer up to six studentships each year.  The studentships are available for undergraduate students studying science or medicine with maintenance support of £190 per week for a period of up to eight weeks. 

These are research-based placements and it is not possible to fund the costs of overseas visits.  The projects must be based entirely in the Institute.  Because of the popularity of the scheme, applications will only normally be considered from students who are at least in their second undergraduate year at the time of application and preference will be given to applicants who do not yet have any research experience and would therefore, particularly benefit from working on a summer project.

The deadline for applications from interested students is Friday 14th March 2014 and should be sent electronically to

For further information, please see CHRAT Vacation Studentships.

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