ICH Events

September 2015

14 September
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Otto Wolff Lecture

Speaker:Professor Karen Steel, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, Kings College London

16 - 17 September 
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ICH/GOSH General Paediatrics Day

We are pleased to launch this new two-day course aimed to provide key learning points and totally up-to-date information across general paediatrics. Practical, interactive & suitable for consultants, trainees and allied professionals.

21 - 22 September
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Aetiological Investigations for NHSP Medics

Aetiological Investigation of the babies identified by the Newborn Hearing Screening Program and diagnosed to have a hearing loss (from mild to profound), also covering investigation of older children, unilateral and progressive hearing loss & Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder.

23 September
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Paediatric Audiology Update

This one-day course will cover updates on Aetiology of hearing loss, Genetics, Implantable hearing aids, Auditory Processing disorder, ANSD, etc.  

We will discuss latest thinking, presentation, diagnosis , and management. 

24 September
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Symposium on Primary Immunodeficiency

This one day symposium will highlight cellular interactions within the immune system involved in both generating and regulating immune responses. 

The impact of newly identified gene mutations which result in T cell, Treg and B cell dysregulation will be discussed. 

October 2015

8 October
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Lewis Spitz and Edward Kiely Symposium & 67th Simpson Smith Memorial Lecture

This annual symposium focuses on aspects of paediatric surgery, providing an insight into innovation and current practice, with speakers from the major centres of excellence in the field. 

9 - 10 October

The Second International Conference on In Utero Transplantation and Fetal Gene Therapy

This two day conference will cover the very latest research on in utero transplantation, fetal immunology and fetal gene therapy. Following the successful inaugural international conference in San Francisco in April 2014, the theme of this second meeting is “Translating fetal stem cell and gene therapies into the clinic”.

12 October
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Otto Wolff Lecture

Speaker:Professor Sir Tom Blundell, Sir William Dunn Professor of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

30 October
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Nephrology Day for General Paediatricians

This one day course aims to give a full overview of paediatric nephrology by selecting different themes each year and presenting them in a way which will be suitable for general paediatricians.

November 2015

5 November 
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Update in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine 2015 

The purpose of this annual course is to provide an update on current practice in paediatric respiratory medicine on an everyday basis. The programme and range of issues covered will be suitable for everyone concerned with paediatric respiratory medicine. The course will be of interest to all paediatricians, specialist trainees and nurse practitioners in respiratory paediatrics.

6 November 
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Practical Paediatric Neuroimaging Course

This course will appeal to all radiologists (consultants and trainees), radiographers and clinicians interested in paediatric neuroimaging. The content covers the breadth of day to day paediatric neuroradiology practice and aims to equip the practitioner with key image interpretation skills, focussing on diagnostic pearls and pitfalls one commonly encounters in paediatrics. The lecturers on the course are all Consultant Neuroradiologists at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust.

9 November
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Otto Wolff Lecture

Speaker: TBC

23 - 27 November
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Paediatric Ophthalmology 2015: The Essentials! Clinical practice, science and case-based Challenges

This course is designed for consultants, associate specialists and specialist registrars who wish to update their knowledge of paediatric ophthalmology.

Content will include update sessions, case presentations and keynote lectures.

28 - 29 November

Great Ormond Street Hospital Echo Course part 2: Echo Assessment of Complex Congenital Heart Disease

This two day course looks at the morphology of both acyanotic and cyanotic cardiac lesions from atrial septal defects to univentricular hearts and the pre and post-operative echo assessment required for these patients.  

The course includes demonstrations of congenital heart disease on morphological specimens, and lectures on pre and post-operative echocardiographic analysis of these lesions.  

December 2015

3 - 4 December 

Neonatal and Paediatric Ventilation

This popular course combines lectures with practical workshop sessions. The programme includes a wide range of topics including initiation, maintenance, weaning off assisted ventilation and special ventilatory techniques.

14 December
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Otto Wolff Lecture

Speaker: Professor Nazneen Rahman, Division of Genetics & Epidemiology, The Institute of Cancer Research 

February 2016

4 - 5 February

6th UK Swallowing Research Group Conference

This conference will be of interest to all health care professionals with an interest in swallowing and feeding management and will cover topics from a wide range of disciplines, with state of the art seminars delivered by leaders in the field of dysphagia.

March 2016

10 - 11 March
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British Paediatric Otolaryngology Course

This is a highly successful course for consultants and senior trainees covering all aspects of paediatric otolaryngology. The strength of this course lies in the expert and highly experienced faculty with the leading paediatric otolaryngologists from all over the UK.

21 - 23 March 
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Cardiology in the Young

Cardiology in the Young is the Great Ormond Street Hospital Cardiac Unit’s flagship  annual international paediatric cardiac conference.
This lecture-based interactive conference is attended by paediatric cardiologists, surgeons, nurses, intensivists, anaesthetists, paediatricians, sonographers, perfusionists and all those involved in the care of neonates, children and young adults with cardiovascular disease from centres around the world.