UCL: London's global university

  • First English university to admit women as full degree students
  • First English university to admit students of all beliefs and ethnicities
  • 210 clubs and societies with 18,000 memberships sold
  • 49% of the student body volunteer on external community projects (2011-12)
  • Students from 150 countries and 100 staff nationalities
  • 20% of students study abroad as part of their degree
  • 21 modern languages taught at UCL
  • Central London location

Global Citizenship at UCL


The concept of education for ‘global citizenship and leadership’ has been a key element of strategic thinking at UCL for several years now. However, as the term becomes more widely used in the HE sector more generally, it is important that we are clear about what we, at UCL, mean by the phrase - and, more importantly, what it means for us and our students.

In 2007, Professor Michael Worton (then Vice-Provost (Academic and International)) produced a manifesto which set the agenda for UCL. Since that document, we have achieved a great deal, making substantial progress on work to internationalise our curricula and to improve the quality of 'the student experience', which includes the pastoral and social support we provide for our students.

We are now developing an international reputation for our approach to 'global citizenship' - something which would not be possible without the expertise, knowledge and passion of our diverse staff.

We have produced a short booklet which showcases some of what we mean by 'education for global citizenship', and, in particular, celebrates the breadth, diversity and talent of our student body, which is available to download.


It is impossible to list the full gamut of activities which fall under the banner of 'global citizenship' at UCL; nevertheless, the Global Citizenship events listings are an attempt to provide a snapshot of the activities taking place at UCL at any one time which help to create such a unique and stimulating environment for teaching, learning and research.

The students' union, UCLU, has also embraced the idea of 'education for global citizenship', and is working with us to identify ways in which we can collaborate in future. Student representatives also feed in to our Global Citizenship Steering Group, representing a true partnership with our students.

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