UCL: London's global university

  • First English university to admit women as full degree students
  • First English university to admit students of all beliefs and ethnicities
  • 210 clubs and societies with 18,000 memberships sold
  • 49% of the student body volunteer on external community projects (2011-12)
  • Students from 150 countries and 100 staff nationalities
  • 20% of students study abroad as part of their degree
  • 21 modern languages taught at UCL
  • Central London location

UCL Global Citizenship

UCL is a world-class, research-led, multi-faculty university, consciously and deliberately global and wide-ranging in its reach and ambition. We strive for excellence and are committed to making a difference in the world; our aim is to provide an educational environment that reflects these values and supports our students to develop in the round.

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme

UCL Global Citizenship Programme

The UCL Global Citizenship Programme is a two-week programme to help UCL students boost their studies, enhance their future and make an impact on the world. Each year, after summer exams, our students tackle real problems and propose real solutions.

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The UCL Graduate

We consider that the UCL 'education for global citizenship' produces outstanding graduates; individuals who display the following attributes:

Critical and Creative Thinkers

Each of UCL's degree programmes is rigorous and intellectually challenging. The academic experience we offer exposes our students to new ways of thinking, requires them to search for solutions to real-world problems, and encourages them to pursue their own lines of enquiry. We believe that this approach creates graduates who are trained to think critically and creatively, to respect differences of option, and who are prepared to tackle the most difficult of problems.

Sensitive to Cultural Difference

UCL is a highly diverse university, with staff and students from all over the world. In such an environment, students are constantly encountering ideas and beliefs with differ from their own. We believe that this mix creates a dynamic learning environment which encourages students to understand the value of learning from others and to communicate in a sensitive and nuanced way.

Ambitious, yet idealistic

We want our students to aim high - but we also want them to understand and respect the impact that their decisions and actions have on those around them. We belive that a UCL education encourages students to see themslves as part of a larger community, to work for the good of others, as well as for their own personal good, and to prioritise ethical and responsible choices.

Whether through volunteering, clubs and societies or student activitism, ethical engagement is a critical part of life for students both during and after their time at UCL.

Highly Employable and Ready to Embrace Professional Mobility

Employers are strongly supportive of UCL's 'education for global citizenship' agenda. We believe that we produce graduates who have the skills that will be necessary for professional success in the 21st century - including a receptiveness to other cultures and contexts that will equip students to work effectively outside the UK.

Entrepreneurs with the ability to innovate

UCL defines an entrepreneur as an individual with the imagination, skills and drive to identify and implement an idea - to take a project through from the planning stages to final success. Our students take up this challenge in many different ways, both within and outside the classroom. 

Prepared to assume leadership roles

UCL considers that there are many different ways in which individuals can show leadership. We aim, through the course that we offer and the environment that we provide, to give students opportunities to develop their leadership skills in the ways that best suit their own aptitudes, interests and ambitions.

You can learn more about these on the UCL Graduate pages.

Education for Global Citizenship at UCL

From our core teaching and learning, to extra-curricular activities and our careers and employability provision, Global Citizenship informs all parts of the student experience at UCL.

From 2012-13, we are introducing The UCL Global Citizenship Programme - two weeks of additional activities at the end of the academic year for undergraduate students to put into practice the education for global citizenship they have received over the course of the year.

Our students are genuinely remarkable in their enthusiasm, their energy and their engagement. We are fortunate to be able to draw on all of these qualities – together with the expertise of our staff – to develop an 'education for global citizenship' which is recognisably a UCL education.

Professor Anthony Smith, UCL Vice-Provost (Education)

Professor Anthony Smith
UCL Vice-Provost (Education)

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