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What support is available?

Students with a long-term medical condition can access a variety of support services, subject to availability and suitability, without applying for any additional funding.  These include:

  • Drop-in sessions to meet with a Disability Adviser – Mondays and Wednesdays, 2pm - 4pm
  • Pre-arranged orientation visits during the summer or at the start of term
  • Access to the Student Enabling IT (SEnIT) Suite with assistive technology such as large-screen PCs, text-to-speech and magnification software
  • Small equipment loans, e.g., digital voice recorders
  • Extended library loan facility – so that you can keep library materials for longer
  • Support applying for special exam arrangements – such as extra time or rest breaks
  • Assistance with requesting copies of handouts or lecture presentations on advance from your department
  • Liaison with Student Accommodation about any necessary modifications to your accommodation
  • Advice and guidance, for both you and your department, about the potential impact of your disability on your studies and how this can be accommodated

To access a range of other services, you will need to apply for additional funding. Depending on your needs, these services could include:

  • A full assessment of your academic support needs carried out at an accredited assessment centre
  • Computer equipment and specialised software for you to own
  • Ergonomic aids, such as chairs or book stands
  • Note-taking support in lectures and seminars
  • Support from a personal assistant – e.g., to help you get around UCL or visit the library