INSTG068 - Publishing Skills

This module is designed to give students the practical skills they need to build a successful career in the publishing industry. The module content has been based around feedback from the publishing industry to ensure it reflects current requirements.

The module will include technical training in Nielsen Bookscan and the software packages InDesign and BookType. Students will learn about the importance of metadata and the challenges around content discoverability in the online world. In addition students will learn about copyediting, indexing and proofreading (including online editing), developmental text editing, presentation and writing skills. The module will also cover recruitment and interview skills.

  • Week 1 Nielsen Bookscan Training
  • Week 2 InDesign  1
  • Week 3 Copyediting, proofreading, indexing
  • Week 4 Indesign  2
  • Week 5 Presentation skills
  • Week 6 Text and development editing
  • Week 7 Writing Skills
  • Week 8 Metadata and discoverability
  • Week 9 Recruitment, interview and management skills 

Compulsory for: students on the MA in Publishing programme

Assessment: Portfolio of skills evidence, 3000 words or equivalent

Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for this module.

Module leader: Nick Canty

Further information for students currently taking this module

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