Information Studies



UCL Information Studies staff

Academic and Research

NameRolesE-mail address
Antonis BikakisAssociate Professor, KIDS Co-director, Director of Research, Programme Co-director for the MSc in Knowledge, Information and Data Science, Computing (Artificial Intelligence)a.bikakis@ucl.ac.uk
Daniel BoswellLecturer (Teaching), Publishing, Programme Director, MA Publishingd.boswell@ucl.ac.uk
Lucy BrownsonLecturer in Archives and Records Managementl.brownson@ucl.ac.uk
Bonnie BuyuklievaLecturer in Data Science for Societyboyana.buyuklieva@ucl.ac.uk
Adam CrymbleAssociate Professor, Digital Humanities, Programme Director BSc Information in Societya.crymble@ucl.ac.uk
Caroline DavisAssociate Professor, Publishingcaroline.davis@ucl.ac.uk
Luke DickensLecturer, KIDS Co-director, Admissions Tutor for the MSc in Knowledge, Information and Data Science, Computing (Machine Learning), Connected Learning Co-leadl.dickens@ucl.ac.uk
Laura DietzLecturer in Publishingl.dietz@ucl.ac.uk
Oliver Duke-WilliamsProfessor, Departmental Database and Digital Identity Manager, Digital Humanities; Demographic and spatial datao.duke-williams@ucl.ac.uk
Andrew FlinnReader, A&H Vice-Dean (Graduate Studies), International Professional Contexts; Access: Policies and Practicesa.flinn@ucl.ac.uk
Jin GaoLecturer in Digital Archivesjin.gao@ucl.ac.uk
Alison HicksLecturer, Library and Information Studies Programme Director. Information literacy, Information practices, Academic Librariesa.hicks@ucl.ac.uk
Marco HumbelHRC Sloane Lab Research Fellowmarco.humbel.17@ucl.ac.uk
Charlie InskipHead of Departmentc.inskip@ucl.ac.uk
Tim JordanDirector, Arts and Sciences Programme (BASc), Professor of Digital Culturet.jordan@ucl.ac.uk
Kalliopi KontizaLecturer (Teaching) in Computing and Information Systemsk.kontiza@ucl.ac.uk
Deborah LeeLecturer in Library and Information Studies, PGTA Academic Tutordeborah.lee@ucl.ac.uk
Elizabeth LomasAssociate Professor in Information Governance, and Departmental Tutor
Daniele MetilliAHRC Sloane Lab Research Fellowd.metilli@ucl.ac.uk
Rob MillerAssociate Professor, KIDS Co-director, Programme Director for the MSc in Knowledge, Information and Data Science, Computing (Artificial Intelligence, Applied Logic and Knowledge Representation)r.s.miller@ucl.ac.uk
Julianne NyhanProfessor of Digital Humanitiesj.nyhan@ucl.ac.uk
Daniel OnahLecturer (Teaching) in Computer and Information Systems, KIDS Co-director,  Chair Board of Examiners for the IMB Programmed.onah@ucl.ac.uk
Samantha RaynerProfessor, A&H Vice Dean
Kaitlyn RegehrAssociate Professor of Digital Humanitiesk.regehr@ucl.ac.uk
Vassilis RoutsisResearch Associate, Spatial data; Visualisation and user experience; Machine learning; Privacy and technologyv.routsis@ucl.ac.uk
Simon RowberryLecturer in Publishing, Director of the Centre for Publishing, Director of Studies
Jawad Sadek AHRC Sloane Lab Senior Research Fellowj.sadek@ucl.ac.uk
Anna SextonLecturer in Archives and Records Management, MA in Archives and Records Management Programme Directora.sexton.11@ucl.ac.uk
Elizabeth Shepherd Professor, Archives and records management; Creation and Capture of records; history of archives in the UKe.shepherd@ucl.ac.uk
Alison SizerResearch Assistant
Hannah SmythLecturer in Archives and Records Managementhannah.smyth@ucl.ac.uk
Karen StepanyanLecturer (Teaching), Computing and Information Systems, Connected Learning Co-Leadk.stepanyan@ucl.ac.uk
Andreas VlachidisLecturer in Information Science, KIDS Co-director, LIS Dissertations Tutor, Information Extraction, Knowledge Bases, Linked Data, Metadataa.vlachidis@ucl.ac.uk
Foteini ValeontiAHRC Sloane Lab Research Fellowf.valeonti@ucl.ac.uk
Photini VrikkiLecturer in Digital Methods in the Humanitiesp.vrikki@ucl.ac.uk

Professional Services

NameRoleE-mail address
Ciara Adeniyi-JonesSloane Lab Project Administratorc.adeniyi-jones@ucl.ac.uk
Lucy PanesarDepartmental Coordinatorlucy.panesar@ucl.ac.uk
Sarah DavenportTeaching and Learning Administrator (DH, KIDS), Departmental Inclusion Lead, DIS ED&I Group Co-Chairs.davenport@ucl.ac.uk
Ian Evans Teaching and Learning Administrator (PUB, PhD, Short Courses)ian.evans@ucl.ac.uk
Terrie FiawooDepartmental Managert.fiawoo@ucl.ac.uk
Laura KesavTeaching and Learning Administrator (ARM, LIS)l.keshav@ucl.ac.uk
Jelena WehrFinance and Research Administratorj.wehr@ucl.ac.uk
Honorary staff
  • John Akeroyd Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • Rudolf Ammann Honorary Research Associate
  • Angeliki Antoniou Honorary Research Associate
  • David Bawden Honorary Lecturer
  • Giles Bergel Honorary Research Associate 
  • Ann Borda Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • John Bowman Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • Jennifer Bunn Honorary Lecturer 
  • Alberto Campagnolo Honorary Research Fellow
  • Mark Carine Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Richard Charkin Honorary Senior Research Associate 
  • Ian Cornelius Honorary Senior Research Associate 
  • Helen Corner-Bryant Honorary Research Fellow
  • James Cronin Honorary Research Associate
  • Elizabeth Danbury Honorary Senior Research Associate 
  • Andy Dawson Honorary Associate Professor 
  • Laura Dietz Honorary Senior Research Fellow 
  • Anna Faherty Honorary Lecturer
  • David Finkelstein Honorary Senior Research Fellow 
  • Peter Foden Honorary Lecturer 
  • Helen Forde Honorary Senior Research Associate 
  • Mona Hess Honorary Senior Research Associate 
  • Jeremy Hill Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Victoria Hoyle Honorary Research Fellow
  • Sushma Jansari Honorary Senior Research Associate 
  • Hilda Kean Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • Laura Millar Honorary Senior Research Associate 
  • Dr Alec Mulinder, Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • Andrew Nash Honorary Senior Lecturer
  • Frederick Nesta Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Jon Newbury Honorary Lecturer
  • Marco Passarotti Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • David Pearson Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • Victoria Pickering Honorary Research Fellow 
  • Kathryn Piquette Honorary Research Associate
  • Melanie Bold Ramdarshan Honorary Lecturer 
  • Louise Ray Honorary Lecturer
  • Jonathan Rhys-Lewis Honorary Lecturer
  • Daniela Romano Honorary Lecturer
  • David Rundle Honorary Lecturer
  • Kim Sloan Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Alda Terracciano Honorary Research Fellow
  • Jack Thomas Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Clare Thornley Honorary Research Associate
  • Edward Vanhoutte Honorary Research Associate
  • Astrid Von Rosen Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • Anthony Watkinson Honorary Lecturer
  • Peter Williams Honorary Senior Research Fellow
  • Geoffrey Yeo Honorary Senior Research Associate
  • Kira Zumkley Honorary Lecturer
Emeritus and Visiting
  • Vanda Broughton MA. Professor
  • Michelle Brown BA, PhD. Professor
  • Keith Clark BA, MA, DIC, PhD. Visiting Professor
  • Simon Eliot BA, MA, PhD. Visiting Professor
  • Mirjam Foot BA, MA, DLitt, FSA. Professor
  • Susan Hockey. Professor
  • Michael Jubb MA, PhD, FRHist, FRSA.
  • Annemaree Lloyd BA, GDipSocSci, GDipAppSci, MAppSci, PhD. Professor (Chair)
  • Simon Mahony: Emeritus Professor of Digital Humanities
  • John Mcllwaine BA, MCLIP. Professor
  • Stephen Robertson BA, MSc, PhD. Professor
  • Chris Russell BSc.
  • Jane Sayers MA, BLit, PhD, LittD, FRHistS, FSA. Professor
  • Claire Squires BA (Hons), MA, DPhil. Honorary Professor
  • Melissa Terras: Honorary Professor of Digital Humanities
  • Claire Warwick MA, MPhil, PhD. Professor
  • Shirley Williams BSc, PhD, FBCS, CEng, CITP, CSci. Professor
Research students