INSTG043: Individual Approved Study

Standards for Digital Recordkeeping

This optional module provides an introduction to records management in digital organisational environments and the international standards upon which best practice is based.

On completion of the module students will be able to:
•    Discuss the significance of the records continuum model for recordkeeping in a digital environment and the profession in general;
•    Use appropriate records management terms and vocabulary;
•    Discuss the functions and benefits of records management standards;
•    Independently describe the standards development process;
•    Analyse and compare current records management standards.

Overview of course content

•    Recordkeeping theory and the digital environment
•    Development of records management standards and their impact on practice
•    Current standards: e.g. ISO15489, ISO30300, ISO30301, MoReq, DoD 5015.2, metadata standards
•    Identifying recordkeeping requirements
•    Issues in design for recordkeeping systems
•    Implementing standards and systems
•    Strategies for records management advocacy within an organisation

Mode of study

Course materials for this module are provided online as part of a groundbreaking collaboration between University College London, Mid-Sweden University and Simmons College, Boston (USA). Students will be expected to attend one seminar on the UCL campus at the start of Term 2, then work independently through the course materials, maintaining email contact with their tutor and fellow students as appropriate. There are no lecture attendance requirements other than the seminar at the start of the module. However, you should expect to spend about as much time in study for this module as you would if enrolled on a module delivered face-to-face. To enhance the independent learning opportunities afforded by the module, students (whether enrolled or auditing) will interact with each other online, as well as with the tutor, for the purpose of discussing the module content and sharing experience.


The module consists of successive units of study, which will be made accessible gradually according to a pre-arranged schedule of up to 14 weeks. The module will open on 11th January with the  initial seminar planned for the week beginning 18th January and units of study will then be released each week until the first week of April. Throughout this period, students will be expected to devote some regular time each week to working through the units of study. Please note that this includes “reading week” and the first two weeks of the Easter vacation. Because this is an online module, you can study at home and you will not be required to attend UCL outside term-time, but you will be expected to study throughout this period if you choose this option.

Assessment: Literature reviews and essay relating to RM standards and implementation in digital environments (worth 15 credits).

Prior knowledge required: Open to all DIS postgraduate students. It is recommended that students taking this module should have some prior knowledge of records management principles and practice.

Module Tutor: Elizabeth Lomas

Options are not guaranteed to run but are dependent on other factors such as staffing, student numbers, etc.

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