ChemEng Day April 2014

2 May 2014

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This conference brought together researchers, engineers and scientists from around the UK and explored the latest technological advances and research results in core areas of chemical engineering. 

The event comprised of a combination of a distinguished plenary speaker (Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens, Ramsay Memorial Professor and Head of Chemical Engineering Director, EPSRC Frontier Engineering Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering), along with parallel technical sessions with invited talks by leading experts from academia and industry, and interactive poster sessions, participants showcased their research efforts and technologies, and shared visions with researchers in the UK. New opportunities for collaborative effort were created and, in particular, industrialists were able to establish new dialogues and build relationships with universities in addition to developing links across industries.

We are pleased to announce that a number of our students and staff were awarded prestigious prizes.



Session 1: Sustainability and the energy-water-food nexus   

1st Prize Anh Phan UNIVERSITY: UCL
Title: Aqueous Methane in Slit-Shaped Silica Nanopores: High Solubility and Traces of Hydrates

Anh Phan

Session 2: Biological Engineering

1st Prize:   Michele Lynch, UNIVERSITY: UCL
Title: Confinement Protection Effects of Mesoporous Silica, Inspired by Chaperonin Complexes


Session 3: Materials Innovation for the 21st century and Session 4: Increasing Manufacturing value

2nd Prize: Dina Ibrahim Abou El Amaiem
Title: Tailored for simplicity: Air-templated bio-based macroporous polymers

Dina Ibrahim

Session 5: Meeting Global Energy Demand

1st Prize: Massimiliano Materazzi, University: UCL
Title: Solid waste gasification: technical aspects and process performance of a two stage fluid bed-plasma process


Session 6: Other Research Themes

1st Prize: Dr Lilian de Martin, University: UCL
Title: Multidimensionality in fluidized nanoparticle agglomerates


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