Chemical Engineers climb pay table

20 November 2013

Chemical Engineers have overtaken medics as the second-best paid graduates in the UK.

According to a survey by The Times, the average salary for a professionally-employed graduate six months after finishing their course is £28,992. This is more than 30% higher than the average starting salary for graduate positions across the UK.

The only subject to produce better-paid graduates in the country is dentistry with starting salaries around £30,500. Newly-graduated medicine students - who usually come second in the survey - were in the third position.

The Institution of Chemical Engineers CEO, David Brown, explains that the growth of the discipline's earning potential is a reflection of its growing value to industry - and to society at large. "These figures reflect the continuing demand for chemical engineers and the tremendous value they bring to companies from the oil and gas majors and international pharmaceutical firms, through to design houses and specialist consultants", he says.

(TCE, November 2013)

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