Chemical Engineering




Women in the Department

The UCL Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to supporting the advancement of women in engineering.

" Head of Chemical Engineering, Prof. Marc-Olivier Coppens, shares the belief that diversity in the workplace is of high importance, as diversity increases creativity. The equal representation of genders is an aspect that the department is continuously striving towards, as well as the ensuring equal opportunities for all underrepresented groups.

The Athena SWAN Charter is a part of the Equality Challenge Unit and stands for a set of 10 key principles which encourage a fair and empowering workplace for all. UCL Chemical Engineering is proud to be a part of Athena SWAN and continuously works towards embodying these principles.

UCL Women Engineers

Group image of The UCL Student Society of Women Engineers

The UCL Student Society of Women Engineers was founded in 2013 with the aim to create a meaningful community body of women in all fields of engineering, at undergraduate and postgraduate student levels, by providing opportunities for networking, professional development, mentoring, and encouraging participation in outreach activities.

This is an active society that constantly works towards engaging female students in STEM fields.