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Dutch Crossing


UCL is the editorial home of Dutch Crossing, the longest-running interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal of Low Countries Studies in the English language.

Published since 1977, Dutch Crossing is devoted to all aspects of Low Countries Studies: history and art history of the Low Countries, Dutch and Flemish (and occasionally Afrikaans) literary and cultural studies, linguistics of Dutch and Dutch as a foreign language, and intercultural and transnational studies.

  • Coverage includes both the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as other places where Dutch historically had or continues to have an impact, including parts of the Americas, Southern Africa and South-East Asia.
  • A special focus concerns relations between the Low Countries and the English-speaking world in all periods from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Dutch Crossing is the Journal of the Association for Low Countries Studies, the academic society for Dutch Studies which works closely together with the UCL Centre for Low Countries Studies. For a subscription to Dutch Crossing please visit the ALCS website.