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Welcome to CeLSIUS, the Centre for Longitudinal Study Information and User Support. We are an ESRC-funded support team for UK academic, statutory and voluntary sector users of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Longitudinal Study (LS).

We provide high quality user support for the ONS LS - this service is free to the user.


Introduction to the Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS-DSU)
Training Event - Wed 10 December 2014

Following on from the recent linkage of 2011 Census data to the Scottish Longitudinal Study, the SLS-DSU will be holding an introductory training seminar on Wednesday December 10th 2014 at New Register House, Edinburgh.

This event is highly recommended for anyone considering using the SLS data, but will also be of interest to anyone who would just like to learn more about the Study.

The seminar will introduce the SLS and the types of research that can be done with it, along with details on how to access the SLS and procedures for requesting linked NHS data. There will also be some information on planned future developments.

Admission to the event is free, but registration is required. To secure your place please visit this Eventbrite page

For more information about the SLS please visit sls.lscs.ac.uk.


Cancer data now readily available

Many of you will be aware that access to the Cancer Registration data attached to the LS has been subject to a review process making access to this data almost impossible for the last two years. We are pleased to tell you that this matter is now resolved and that access to the LS Cancer Registration Data is now readily available.

2011 Census data now linked to the LS

The 2011 Census data has been linked in to the LS and the new dataset is now available to researchers.

A provisional, revised, data dictionary is available for download in zipped form; you will need Microsoft Access software to use it.

Researchers wishing to use 2011 Census data in an active LS project:

You will need to complete a new Customer Request Form but the content can be very similar to your previous application – just add indications of the purpose and extent of your use of 2011 Census data. You do not need to re-apply for Approved Researcher status for this project.

All other researchers:

You are advised to read the How to use the LS and the Step by Step Guide sections of this website which will guide you through the application procedure.

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