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  • Point of Perception: Madi Boyd, Artist in Residence 2009-2010

    Madi Boyd began making work which reflected an interest in the connection between looking and knowing, exploring the perception of movement and form in space. After much empirical experimentation in her studio she exhibited a kinetic environment which confounds depth perception. Madi wanted to fully explore how and why this environment affected people, which led to a collaboration with Dr Mark Lythgoe and Dr Beau Lotto. They have been collaborating for the past year resulting in several exhibitions which were well received. Madi reflects that working at CABI has been "exciting, stimulating and very different from anything she had experienced before". She valued the input and interest from people in the lab and the varied perspectives which they provide. It has been an interesting exchange of environments enabling Madi to witness the working methods of scientists, and realise the differences but also incredible similarities between their process and that of artists. Madi's website:

  • Bumblebee: Art collaboration between Jon Cleary and Madi Boyd

    Synopsis: Using the high-field MRI scanner here at the Centre, we are able to produce 3D images of objects with near microscopic quality. We collaborated with Madi Boyd, to produce images and video for  a film work highlighting the recent inexplicable disappearance of bees and asking what a future without them might hold. Our micro-MR images at the bee’s scale show it as a ‘giant of nature’ from the outside but also shows the delicate, fine details of its internal structures.

    The final film – the “The (Dis)Appearance of Bees” won the 2009 Musion Academy Award in the ZSL Endangered Species Category: 2009 Musion Academy Award in the ZSL Endangered Species Category. Our images were also selected for the Summer issue of Opticon1826.

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