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Missionary School of Medicine

Also known as Medical Service Ministries (MSM)


It was founded in 1903 to educate Christian missionaries working in British colonies about homœopathic medicine

Its motto is “to preach and heal”

Known as Medical Service Ministries since 1992, it was transformed after the closure of the school into a grant-making trust funding health education and training for missionaries

What was reforming about it?

It combined homœopathic medicine with religious evangelism

Where in Bloomsbury

It was originally located within the Homœopathic Hospital, Great Ormond Street

It moved into the neighbouring building, 2 Powis Place, in the 1920s, where it remained until it closed as a school in 1996

Website of current institution

www.preachandheal.org.uk (opens in new window)

Missionary School of Medicine (Wellcome Library, London)

Books about it

Philip Price, ‘Touching the Ends of the Earth,’ in A. Cousins (ed), Touching the Ends of the Earth (2003)

Anita E. Davies, ‘The History of MSM – Homeopathy and Natural Medicines’ in Homeopathy (2007) 96, 52–59, available online via www.sciencedirect.com (opens in new window)

See also Ruth Duncan Abbott, unpublished doctoral thesis, “A comparison of the health beliefs of Florence Nightingale and Ellen G. White and the incorporation of them into their respective schools of nursing” (Andrews University, 2001), copy held by Wellcome Library

The annual reports of the MSM were published; copies are held by the British Library


Its archives are held by the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, ref. GB 0102 MSM; more details are available online via www.mundus.ac.uk (opens in new window)

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