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How bacteria drill into our cells and kill them

A team of scientists has revealed how certain harmful bacteria drill into our cells to kill them. Their study shows how bacterial ‘nanodrills’ assemble themselves on the outer surfaces of our cells, and includes the first movie of how they then punch holes in the cells’ outer membranes. The research, published Tuesday 2nd December 2014 in the journal eLife, supports the development of new drugs that target this mechanism, which is implicated in serious diseases. The team brings together researchers from UCL, Birkbeck, University of London, the University of Leicester, and Monash University (Melbourne). More...

Published: Dec 9, 2014 11:28:50 AM

Revealed: how our bodies keep unwelcome visitors out of cell nuclei

The structure of pores found in the nuclei of cells has been uncovered by a team of scientists led by UCL, revealing how they selectively block certain molecules from entering, in order to protect genetic material and normal cell functions. The discovery could lead to the development of new drugs against viruses that target the cell nucleus and new ways of delivering gene therapies, say the scientists behind the study. More...

Published: Nov 25, 2014 3:20:29 PM

Resolving the structure of a single biological molecule

Researchers at the London Centre for Nanotechnology have determined the structure of DNA from measurements on a single molecule, and found that this structure is not as regular as one might think, as they report in the journal Small. More...

Published: Nov 25, 2014 2:15:34 PM

Biological Physics (BioP)


The BioP group at the Department of Physics and Astronomy focuses on solving key intellectual and practical problems in the physics of biological systems and the underlying properties of soft matter, from intramolecular to cellular length scales, using experimental, computational and theoretical methods.

These activities at the Department of Physics and Astronomy are part of a much larger, UCL-wide research activity on biological physics, spread over different departments and institutes:

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