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We have compiled a range of resources about Behaviour Change techniques and theories.


These are books published by the Centre for Behaviour Change and its associates. You can order all books online.

A Guide to Development and Evaluation of Digital Behaviour Change Interventions in Healthcare.


Behaviour change interventions are increasingly being delivered through digital channels including websites, smartphone apps, and wearables. While these new channels of delivery offer huge opportunities for novel and personalised interventions, they also come with their own specific challenges and difficulties. This comprehensive guide written by Professors Susan Michie and Robert West outlines the current state of research around digital behaviour change interventions and provide guidelines for the development of new digital interventions. It discusses intervention techniques uniquely possible with digital technology such as personalised and just-in-time interventions as well as general intervention design and evaluation rules and guidance. This monograph is an ideal starting point for anyone wanting to understand more about digital behaviour change interventions, offering plenty of references and links for more in depth reading on each of the topics discussed.

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  • Michie, S. & West, R. A Guide to Development and Evaluation of Digital Behaviour Change Interventions in Healthcare. (2016).

Thinking about behaviour change: an interdisciplinary dialogue 

Think about BC Book cover

How should we think about and understand human behaviour? What’s the role of theoretical models? How can – and should – such models be used in practice? And what can we learn from the many different academic and practical perspectives on the subject? This book, aimed at anyone with an interest in behaviour change, offers a fresh and challenging take on these questions. It comprises a Dialogue, which sets out key debates in a lively and accessible way, and 21 commentaries written from a wide range of standpoints, including academic, commercial and public sector. 

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  • Christmas, S., Michie, S., West, R. [Eds]. Thinking about behaviour change: an interdisciplinary dialogue (2015)

The Behaviour Change Wheel Guide


Written by Susan Michie, Lou Atkins, and Robert West, the Behaviour Change Wheel Guide is aimed to be useable across a wide range of disciplines, types of expertise and approaches. It puts “flesh on the bones” of good practice guidelines, such as the UK’s Medical Research Council’s (MRC) guidance on how to systematically develop and evaluate complex interventions (Craig et al., 2008), specifically its recommendation that interventions should be informed by relevant theories and specified by their component behaviour change techniques. The Guide provides a practical, step-by-step method, illustrated by examples from a wide range of domains and disciplines.

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  • Michie, S, Atkins, L, West, R. The Behaviour Change Wheel: A Guide to Designing Interventions (2014)

ABC of Behaviour Change Theories


Written by Susan Michie, Robert West, Rona Campbell, Jamie Brown, and Heather Gainforth, this book describes 83 theories relevant to design of behaviour change interventions together with an analysis of the role and application of theory in this vital area. The theories were identified by an expert panel of psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and economists. For each theory, the book provides a brief summary, a list of its component constructs, a more extended description and a network analysis to show its links with other theories in the book.

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  • Michie, S., West, R., Campbell, R., Brown, J., Gainforth, H. (2014)

PRIME Theory of Motivation 


Motivation is more than just our reasons for doing things. It includes our innate reactions, habits, drives, desires, goals, plans and so on.

PRIME Theory brings together what we know about motivation into a single model. Its goal is to improve our ability to explain, predict and influence behaviour. It sticks as closely as possible to everyday language and aims to be as simple as possible.

Written by Robert West and Jamie Brown.

The SmokeFree Formula


Developed by Robert West, the SmokeFree Formula is the ultimate guide to stopping smoking. It explains why it is hard for smokers to stop and identifies 29 ingredients they can put into their own formula for stopping, each one with a star rating denoting the strength of evidence to support it.

Robert West is a world authority on smoking and addiction and has been helping smokers stop for more than 30 years. He is an advisor to the Department of Health and helped set up the NHS Stop Smoking Services. 

The book was written with Chris Smyth, Health Correspondent at The Times, and Jamie West. 

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