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Alexander Kluge at UCL

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Prof Tamar Garb

Professor Tamar Garb Elected as Fellow of the British Academy

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History of Art

History of Art

The History of Art Department at UCL is one of the most dynamic centres for the study of art history and visual cultures in the world. Consistently given highest ratings for research excellence and teaching quality, the Department can now look back at fifty years at the forefront of the discipline.

Though we retain the designation ‘History of Art’, our teaching programmes and research move beyond traditional forms of art history to address visual and material cultures more broadly. Teaching stretches from the medieval period to the art of today, and the art of all periods is considered in its global context. It also includes new and non-traditional media and contemporary art. Known for our critical and self-reflexive approach to the subject, we are committed to a wide range of critical and historiographical enquiry, and theoretical rigour is stressed in our programmes at all levels. The problems we address cut across the boundaries of geography, chronology and discipline. Teaching is research-driven, and all staff are research-active.

The research culture of the Department is vibrant, a place where the challenge and excitement of thinking about visual form and material practices in their historical, social and political dimensions are never forgotten. More than a set of degree courses and research outputs, the Department is a community of scholars committed to pushing the boundaries of the critical and scholarly study of all forms of art.

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