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Michael Rowlands


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PhD, Anthropology
University College London, 1973

Publications Publications

My research interests include the theorisation and conceptualisation of cultural heritage and material culture. I have conducted fieldwork research on the histories and development of postcolonial museums in West Africa (Cameroon Liberia, Nigeria), the role of cultural heritage in post conflict Liberia and currently I am doing fieldwork on private museum initiatives in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in China funded by the Leverhulme Foundation and I collaborate with Anthropologists in the National University of Taiwan on the revitalization of indigenous cultural knowledge. I am also a Visiting Professor at the University of Cape Town where I teach the role of cultural heritage and museums in postcolonial Africa and I am a Visiting Professor to the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, consulting on the development of a Cultural Heritage initiative and a Graduate School programme in Cultural Heritage.

Latest Publications:

Harriet Evans and Michael Rowlands 2015 Reconceptualising Heritage in China: Museums, Development and the Shifting Dynamics of Power. In eds Paul Basu and Wayne Modest pp 272-295 Museums, heritage and International Development.  London Routledge

Johan Ling and Michael Rowlands 2015 The Stranger King and Rock Art. In Peter Skoglund. Johan Ling and Ulf Bertilsson  pp 89-105 eds Picturing the Bronze Age   Oxford, Oxbow Books.

2013 Ling, J. & Rowlands, M. Structure from the North and content form the South. Rock Art, Metal Trade and Cosmopolitical Codes. Art as a source of history - L'arte come sorgente di storia. Ed. Anati, Emmanuel. XXV VALCAMONICA SYMPOSIUM 2013. Capo di Ponte (Bs) ITALY. September 20 to 26, 2013:187-196. EDIZIONE DEL CENTRO

2013 Michael Rowlands and Johan Ling, Boundaries, Flows and Connectivities: Mobility and Stasis in the Bronze Age In Counterpoint: Essays in Archaeology and Heritage Studies in Honour of Professor Kristian Kristiansen, Edited by Sophie Bergerbrant Serena Sabatini, BAR International Series 2508  pp 517-529

2013 Henrietta Nyamnjoh and Michael Rowlands, Do you eat Achu here? Nurturing as a way of life in a Cameroon diaspora, Critical African Studies, 2013 Vol. 5, No. 3, 140–152

2012  De la Mascarade au Film Video: transmettre le diaboloque en Afrique de l'Ouest. In Objets Irremplkacables eds S. Revolon, P. Lemonnier and M. Bailly.  Paris: Editions de la Maison des Sciences de l'Homme.

2012 Ancestors, Substances and Elites-West Africa and China comparisons. In Kienlin, T. and Zimmerman, A. (eds) Beyond Elites: alternatives to hierarchical systems Verlag Dr Rudolf Habelt GmbH, Bonn 55-67.

2012 Material Connections and Colonial Encounters in Maran, Joseph and Stockhazmmer, Philipp (eds) Materiality and Social Practice Oxford: Oxbow Books: 20-32.

2011 Response to ‘Relations between Archaeologists and the Military in the case of Iraq, in Stone, Peter (ed) Cultural Heritage,Ethics and the Military. Woodbridge: The Boydell Press: 200-214

2011 Ingestion and Food Technologies: Maintaining Differences over the Long Term in West,South and East Asia, in Wilkinson Toby et al (eds) Interweaving Worlds: Systemic Interacions in Eurasia 7th to the 1st millennia BC: 37-61.

2011 Of Substances, Palaces and Museums: The Visible and the Invisible in the Constitution of Cameroon, JRAI Special issue The Aesthetics of the Nation: 23-38

2010 Re-evaluating the long term:civilisation and temporalities. In D. Garrow and T. Yarrow eds Archaeology and Anthropology Oxford: Oxbow Books. :117-137

2010 Moudre ou faire bouiller. Techniques et Culture 52-3: 120-148

2009 Towards a long-term macro-geography of cultural substances: food and sacrifice  traditions in East, West and South Asia. Chinese Review of Anthropology vol 12:1-37

2009 Towards a long-term macro-geography of cultural substances: food and sacrifice  traditions in East, West and South Asia. Chinese Review of Anthropology vol 12:1-37

2008 Cong minzuxue dao wuzhu wenhua [zai dao minzuxue] (From ethnology to material culture [and back again]. Translated by Liang Yongjia. In Zhongguo Renleixue Pinglun [Chinese Review of Anthropology]. Vol.5. Wang Mingming ed. Beijing: Shijie Tushu Chuban Gongsi. pp.79-87.

2008 Aesthetics of Touch among the Elderly, in Helen Chatterjee ed. Touch in Museums ch 12. Pp.187-197, Oxford: Berg.

2008 Postconflict Heritage. Special issue Journal of Material Culture 13:2: 131-134

2008 Civilisation, Violence and Heritage Healing in Liberia, Journal of Material Culture 13.2:135-153

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