HELO Consultancy Projects

HELO (Higher Education London Outreach) is an existing UCL Advances project that brings together teams of students to work on small-scale business and technical problems put forward by real businesses in London. To see examples of previous HELO projects, click here. 

Participating students will be able to run a project with a team of peers, enhance their CV’s, get references as well as use the projects as course work when suitable.

Participating in a HELO project, the students will get first hand experience in working with a real life scenario and contribute to the success of a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). They get to build their own networks and links as well as take advantage of training etc that HELO provides. Some of the companies are also expecting to grow as a result of the projects, so there could be other opportunities about as well.

The projects are varied and include, for example, software and website testing, building prototypes and developing products, materials testing, market analysis, marketing research, business analysis and development of business models . Each case is individual and unique and the team will get to take responsibility in developing the project and the delivery.

This year, we are organising a set of HELO projects specifically for students to work on over the summer. Students are not paid for working on the projects, but costs of delivering the work, such as travel or materials used, are covered.

The HELO Summer Projects will run from June throughout the summer and into early September. Projects tend to be of different lengths, depending on the needs of the company and the availability of those working on them, but typically last about eight to ten weeks, outside of term time, and longer during term. Having the chance to focus on a project during the holidays is a real advantage of the Summer Programme.

An information and kick-off session will take place - date to be confirmed. It is strongly recommended that participants attend this.

Drop-in support sessions will be held during July and August. Participants will present on the outcomes of their projects between 30 August and 2 September. Prizes for the best projects will be awarded at a special drinks reception to be held in the autumn. Previous winners of awards for HELO projects can be seen here.

The project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERFD)